Save time, increase productivity, & reduce waste.

Operators, supervisors, and managers work together every day on the shop floor to make products. Echo is a simple tool that eliminates waste and improves communication.

Echo's ROI is productivity.

Powerered by your employees, supervisors, and managers, you can know more about what's happening on your factory floor and make critical decisions infinitely faster. Watch our demo..


Echo is powered by your employees in real-time. Tasks, issues, and status events are visible by everyone and can have unlimited participants.

Track Time Automatically

Echo timestamps events and conversations, giving valuable insight to the flow of business, enabling your business to prioritize with confidence.

Plant-Wide Accountability

From the operator to the manager to the supervisor to the CEO, you can see who's working on what and whether or not problems are being solved.

Real-Time Notifications

No more wondering or waiting! Echo uses push notifications to send information to the user in an instant, saving countless hours for the manufacturer.

Passive Awareness™

Information that used to take minutes, hours, and days to accumulate are gathered anytime, in real time, giving a turbo boost to problem solving while eliminating wasted effort.

Group Messaging

Conversations take place at the event level, focusing the discussion and providing a powerful way for workers to help one another.

Human Interface

Echo personalizes each user's experience. Lifeless interfaces slow everyone down. Echo lets you see who's available, and who is communicating with you.

Web Admin Portal

Echo is easily controlled by a powerful web admin tool that allows each facility to customize people, departments, machines, and events.

Echo runs on limitless cloud power.

Echo runs entirely in the cloud, eliminating the need for costly hardware installations and maintenance. It's fast, secure, and rock-solid, so you can focus on your business.

Echo is built for scale. Your scale.

Pricing is determined primarily by the size of your business, with competitive pricing models designed with your company in mind. Contact us today for more information.

Watch the Echo demo.

Click the link to watch a ten minute product video. Watch it here.

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